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I hate shaving.

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This morning I had to have some macro shots for critique and I still didn’t have anything.  So I decided to shower and get ready for the day.  One of my electric razors was sitting on the counter and I decided to ignore it since I hate shaving.  But i thought it could be a cool macro shot so I finished getting ready and took a few. I took the top of the razor off to show the blades.  You can see some hair and what I am guessing is skin that is chopped up.  If you squint hard enough, you can even see my the Double Helix of my DNA.  I am pretty pleased with what I have.  





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20/02/2009 at 12:00 am

excuse me sir, you’re a panda!

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This is one of the shots I took while in NYC the last time I was there. I was walking to the International Center of Photography and saw this Panda waiting to cross the street.  He wasn’t promoting or trying to sell anything.  Just having a good time being a panda I guess.  While at ICP, I was able to look at some of Steichen’s work.  Absolutely incredible!  I hope to spend a lot of time at ICP when I am in the city.  


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11/02/2009 at 10:44 pm

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i’m mossy…

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So here is another macro shot for class.  I only had time for one shot this week since I spend a lot of time in NYC.  Its some moss I found in a crack of some asphalt at school.  I decided to put up some magenta fabric since it is the complimentary of green.  Hope you enjoy


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30/01/2009 at 2:41 am


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Well, heres a post to fill you in with my recent trip.  I was originally suppose to meet with Rodney and his staff on Friday.  Unfortunately, due to some complications (getting on the wrong bus) I wasn’t able to make the interview time.  It was terrible.  I was talking with Stephen, Rodney’s studio manager, trying to figure out a way that I could get off the bus and wait for a different one and it went on and on. Too bad for me, there wasn’t a bus going anywhere close to where he was.  Feeling really really defeated and wanting to fly home that night, I called him once more apologizing like crazy and asking if there was anything I could do and he presented me with an incredible opportunity.  If I could be at the bus stop at 10 o’clock, Rodney would drive over and pick me up and we could meet just the two of us.  So I went home that night feeling really good about the next day and knowing I would do well.  

The morning of, I wake up at 5:50 and get ready and leave brooklyn at 6:15.  I arrive 2 hours early.  I know it sounds silly, but I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance.  I needed this interview.  He picks me up and go back to his house.  We talked for about 2 hours drinking coffee and laughing about things in our life.  He offers the internship to me after he tells me, “Ryan, I really like you, I think you could learn a lot up here”.  Done, I committed myself to be there whenever he needed me.  He dropped me off and the GW bridge, I shake his hand and say. “see you soon”.  At this point, I feel really good about living up here and working with him. 

The morning I am set to fly off, I decide to email a connection I had with golf magazine and see if maybe I could squeeze in an interview.  We email for about ten minutes back and forth and she decides she has enough time to meet with me if I can make it there by 11.  Long story short, I meet with her and another editor and they decide they want me on March 5th.  On top of that, I will be working with her and her husband on the weekends.  She also gave me another connection with another photographer who needed an assistant.

I still get nervous when I think of moving up there but I know that it will be good and I know its right.  Dreams I have had for almost 2 years now, became a reality in 2 days.  Now its time for new goals and dreams.  If you will, keep me in your thoughts and if you want to, encouraging words are always good to here.  God is good

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29/01/2009 at 1:06 am

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I was in the studio last week shooting some things for Macro and not having to much fun.  I started with some popcorn and that wasn’t exciting and then moved on to some zippers and again, not exciting.  I sat there trying to think of something that was very common but not often looked at.  Somehow my mind came to cigarette butts and I thought could have been cool.  These were shot at 1:1 or 1:2.  I would recommend checking out Irving Penn’s collection of butts as well.  Of course, he is a stud and did something similar to this some decades ago, but its fun to take an idea and mold it to your own.  Let me know what you think.


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22/01/2009 at 4:22 am

1st try at macro…

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I just started a new class for those of you I don’t go to school with and it is Macro photography.  Macro is really fun because you get to see things like you might not have seen them before.  It was different getting use to some new equipment but its fun getting to shoot with some new things.  I am hoping that this 8 weeks with lead to some good things.  

For the 1st shot, I chose to do a golf club cleaner brush.  I just took one strobe and bounced it off a white panel.  It is simple but the DOF is interesting I think.   


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16/01/2009 at 1:13 am

1st Self Portrait

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For some reason, I have been thinking about doing some self portraits.  For my portrait class we had to have 5 images for our portfolio and it was the night before it was due and I only had 4.  I racked my brain and realized that I would just have to take a hit and not have a fifth image.  That was until my girlfriend pushed me into doing something, just anything to turn in.  Since at that point it was 2:00 in the morning of the due date, I couldn’t ask anyone to help.  I started to come up with some ideas and some locations that I could shoot and this was what I came up with.  


I had a lot fun shooting this image.  I have a few more ideas for some self portraits, so hopefully there will be more to come.  Let me know what you think of it.  

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02/01/2009 at 7:24 am